David Bowie: a singer who can act, an actor who can sing, or a bunch of birds in human clothing fooling us all? We may never know

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I’d probably super get scammed but I wish I could send my Pullip dolls off somewhere and pay someone to put new bodies on them/customize them for me and ship ‘em back sigh sigh sigh ;-; I’d worry about ruining them if I did it myself. heck I don’t even know…

theres an awesome forum from pullipstyle and i bet there are people there. i got my first MSD for christmas and i was worried about the same thing! but after failing miserably trying to do the faceup myself i was like “okay. its time” and i mailed her to this amazing sweet lady on etsy. i’ll include her shop link if you’d wanna ask her. she only charged me like $35 for a full faceup and blushing of the hands/feet. i don’t know if she’s ever worked on pullips but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. i hope that helps ;~;

here’s her shop, shes amazing and guarentees her work. as long as you pay to ship to her she will fix anything on your doll if it breaks or like if a faceup chips she’d fix it too:

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I have successfully infiltrated the bird cafe, which is for birds.


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